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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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southbound 280 will be shutting down tonight at 9:00. we do not have only a sign but a map. you can get a good sense of what you will deal with. southbound 280, will start at king street by the ballpark. the giants are in town. it will stretch to mariposa. it is not a long distance but it could create huge problems. we are joined by c.h.p. officer to talk about it. mark andrews, what are your expectations? >> we caution drivers the freeway will be shut down this week for the memorial day weekend. ask the drives to plan accordingly. prepare extra time. leave early to get to your destination safe. >> do you expect need --
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nightmare gridlock? >> hopefully people will plan accordingly and use the detour caltran has in place to warn drivers of alternate routes. >> are you dreading this? >> no. should not be too bad. >> officer andrews, thank you. yes, it is memorial day woke but they difficulty on purpose. and inconvenience people on vacation on the way, possibly, to the 58 park rather than people headed to work. plan accordingly. keep this in mine. >> sue will give us alternates during that period. new details in the stunning case of a woman kidnapped imprisoned and raped for a decade in southern california. the victims would ordeal began when she was 15 talked to our sister station in los angeles,
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kabc. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. katie marzullo? >> the woman and her daughter are home with her mom and sisters and said she finally had the courage to go to police because she feeder her young daughter was in danger. the 25-year-old woman was raped repeatedly over the last 10 years and beaten when she tried to escape and brain washed as she was only 15 when taken from her family and she was only in the united states for six months moving here from mexico. >> i was 15. i could do nothing. i did what he wanted. i don't have a life. >> police say the kidnapping suspect was dating the victim's mother at time of the individual napping in 2004 and was already sexually assaulting the girl and
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he kidnapped her at a park, drugged her and lock her in a garage and change her identity, married her, and she had his bennett. they were living in an apartment. >> her daughter is now three, garcia has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. at 5:00, what neighbors thought of the "couple" living next door. >> the arrest is five years after the discovery of kidnap victim jaycee dugard held by sex offender in the backyard of his antioch home for 18 years. she was rescued in 2009 and he was sentenced to 431 years in prison. last year, three women were rescued from a house in cleveland where they were held captive for a decade. their captor killed himself in prison. >> friends of a teen killed by a train promised she will not be forgotten. amtrak train hit 18-year-old
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brittney silva on monday. there were hugs and tears last night at the san lenadro while. hundreds turned out to remember her and support her family. >> she was straight a student and going to college when she graduated next month. i didn't finish teaching her how to drive a stick shift. why foe how to bury my daughter. >> witnesses say silva was wearing ear buds walking near the train and didn't hear people shouting a warning. >> the family of a teen who is battling a life-threatening disease is getting much needed help. many are stepping up to make a difference. here is ama daetz in livermore. >> i like to live life to the fullest but it is hard because i have a hard time breathing.
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>> 16 yearly wants to be like her friend: happy and healthy. but hannah hewitt has cystic fibrosis a life-threatening disease that makes it feel she is protecting through a straw. >> she has been in the hospital numerous times last self months. her left lung is declining rapidly and health is declining. hannah hewitt's family move interested a new home that could be making her worse. >> a lot of the issues are a result of the home we bought that we didn't know was infected with black mold and mildew and the woulded boards not visible when we made the purchase. ought appeal is living in a travel trailer. there are seven kids, four including hannah hewitt, were adopted with special needs. with bills stacking up the family no longer has the means to fix the house and payment medical bills so the family friend put together this fundraiser at barbeque spot happy to help the family. >> it feels good to know people
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are out there supporting you. >> the fundraising does not stop here, you can donate on-line and it is tax deductible. it is easy to help the cause which is officially a nonprofit. >> if you would like to help, we have posted information on our website at >> tonight, the california nurses association is holding a vigil at kaiser permanente if hayward to protest the closing of the pediatric care unit. registered nurses will be joined by a family that will talk about a significant patient care incident because of last november's closure. officials say it did not make economic sense to keep the facility open. young patients who are hospitalized have to go to oakland medical center. scientists will try to figure what led to the death of a young whale along the san mateo county coast. the body of the baby whale washed up off highway one.
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it was identified as a young humpback. the whale was floating yesterday afternoon in half moon bay in front of sam's chowder house and washed up at the r.v. park. the california academy of sinces says they are going out to examine the whale and do an autopsy to find out how it died. we will have a report. police are looking for a gunman in a brazen armed robbery in san jose. >> check this out. >> down. [ blank ]. now. now. >> this is video from the robbery you can see the man pointing a shotgun at customers at a store on north capital avenue. he hit one person in the face, knocking him to the ground and got away in a toyota driven by an accomplice. a poll show as tightening race between the two top republican candidates for california governor.
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support for the two republicans jumped from 2 percent last month to 10 percent according to the public policy institute of california. the primary rival and g.o.p. frontrunner in the race, a state assemblyman holds 15 percent of likely voters but no one is close to threatening d incumbent jerry brown who commanded 48 percent of support and 27 percent. undecided. >> today, bart directors hold a public budget hearing to discuss how much to charge for a new aerial tram ride to the oakland airport. the current fare is $3 for adults but plans have been discussed for from $4 to $6. the elevated rail will open in the fall. the meeting is at 5:00 at bart headquarters in oakland. the board will set fares on june 12. the warriors have been nailed "team of the year" by
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sports business drizzle beating out portland timbers, and chicago blackhawks, and judged on wins, social media growth and overall business. >> their sales were booming. booming the past season. meteorologist mike nicco, how is it looking? >> like yesterday, a couple of degrees warmer. any are headed into san francisco, there are clouds and fog and drizzle. 50 in west portal and glen park through the ferry building, is the warm spot and headed to downtown, 53 and across the golden gate bridge, 53 at crissy field and the temperature at richmond most of us in the low-to-mid 50's and we are 57 in union city and pittsburg and 54 at half moon bay. the temperatures are running the same as yesterday to possibly three degrees warmer in santa rosa because you have cloud cover and yesterday you cannot
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have that much in the morning. the day planner, clouds, homing at 50's through 7:00 and in the low-to-mid 60's around the coast and 74 inland is where we will see the sunshine quickest and hit 80 at 4:00, and 62 at the coast and mostly in the 60's at 7:00. sue? good morning, everyone, road work will be picked up at 5:00 a.m. so we will head around the bay. going west and east at castro street the richmond-san rafael bridge the slow traffic is approaching. in oakland, eastbound 580, we have road work at san pablo. and the road work in the macarthur maze is clear. the detour is picked up. at the san mateo bridge, there is haze but you have a great
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ride over to foster city from hayward with no delays. >> the federal prosecutors are bombing and the tsarnaev brothers may have had helped. >> denver was socked in and flash flooding cripples the midwest. that is ahead. the spend honor at white house today for san francisco gay rights icon harvey
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> more firefighters are expected to arrive on the front lines of a fast-moving wildfire in northern arizona which has grown to 4,500 acres, ten times larger than this time yesterday. a dc-10 is on stand by hoping to
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assist. winds kept crews grounded. this morning, hundreds of homes and vacation cabins are threatened and 3,200 residents are on stand by ready to evacuate. >> new details, the prosecution says that the boston marathon bombing suspects could have had help building the bombs that exploded last year. the prosecution says that the brothers used we relatively sophisticated bombs with fuses made from christmas tree lights and remote-controlled detonators from model power parts. hundreds of packages of fireworks remain emptied to create fuel. no powder residue was found in their apartments or vehicles it suggests that others may have helped. wild weather is sweeping across the country and this morning denver is recovering from violent hail and a tornado scare yesterday at home, san jose and san francisco airports saw significant delays on
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flights to and from denver. here is the latest. a storm socked the denver area and spawned tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and giant golf-ball sized hail. people ran for cover. more than 1" of hail fell. it was plowed. the denver airport was shut down. some of the frontier planes were damaged. snow clouds cleared the runways if tense moments after the clouds forms and tornado warnings were issued. >> i was so scared i didn't know what would happen but i love you and tell my family i love them. >> six twisters were spotted but no significant damage reported. a different storm system ravaged the midwest from ohio to indiana to illinois and cleveland,
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spectacular lightning lit up the sky. in other parts of ohio and pennsylvania, flash flooding closed highways and roads, and the vehicles were swallowed up by the dope water. some people were stranded. >> i cannot go home. i was thinking about going back to work. there is no way out. wherever you look the water is high. >> thursday's forecast calls for more severe weather with dangerous thunderstorms cross the rockies and the midwest and parts of the east coast. happening today, federal forecasters release the outlook for the hurricane season. they are expected to predict we will see fewer storms over the six month long season. some researchers say it will likely be that we only see nine named storms with three expected to become full-fledged hurricanes. >> wild weather in colorado yesterday, the rockies and the giants taking them on today at
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noon. >> afternoon, there will be a chance of thunderstorms again. >> okay. >> a lost those blow up to the east of the city and the winds swirl average the city and the storms move off to the east so it is neat to watch their weather. we will talk more about the giants when they come home tomorrow to take on the marlins -- no, no, no, they are taking on the twins through the holiday week. there could be a storm toward the end of the game. >> live doppler 7 hd shows cloud cover hanging over most of our neighborhoods this morning. pretty stout sea breeze at 25 miles per hour in fairfield and 17 at concord and 16 in oakland and everyone else is less than ten miles per hour. the north bay is sheltered and will become foggy as we hold through the morning hours. we will keep an eye on that and on sfo with flight arrival delays under the same cloud deck and it could be the same today, also, remember the two landing areas are closed, also -- runways is the word i am looking
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for. short-term memory goes when you don't get sleep. slower sunshine and warm bay inland today. the warmth peaks this weekend and cooling, still dry, though, next week and the transition does not offer any rain. temperatures are low-to-mid 80's san jose cupertino los gatos and gilroy and upper 70's for the rest of the south bay and cooler because of the cloud cover around santa cruz. mid-to-upper 40's on the peninsula and the enexception is millbrae and low 60's along the coast to mid-to-upper 60's headed over to the bayside with more sunshine around downtown, and south san francisco and sausalito. low-to-mid 60's along the north bay coast and mid-70's to low crits from petaluma at 76 to napa at 82. along the east bay shore, low-to-mid 70's and from 70 in richmond and 72 at oakland and 76 in castro valley and closer to needing the air conditioning, mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. tonight, cloud cover rolls over
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us with drizzle possible again and temperatures are in the low pressure fists h -- 50's. the low is sinking to the south and retrograding a littlibility and because of that we are still showing high pressure coming in but it will be slow. finally it asserts domination this weekend. the enseven shows that is when it is hottest at 90's inland and 80's around the bay and nearly 70 at the coast and memorial day is cooler but above average on tuesday and wednesday, cooler, too. sue? road work out there. the macarthur maze shows early scheduled road work picked up. westbound 80 to westbound 580 -- eastbound, 80, rather. full closure tonight southbound 280 at san francisco between 6 and 101 for bridge hinge work
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and amy hollyfield is there with that closure. consider that off limits tonight through the memorial day week. take 101 getting out of san francisco. toward the east bay, north 680 to 24, various lanes are closed and to the toll plaza, no metering lights, no delays, and 80 in berkeley is moving nicely with something stalled on the righthand shoulder but traffic is getting by fine. >> today, the white house will formally unveil a new starch honoring san francisco's first openly gay supervisor harvey milk a black and white picture with a gay pride rainbow in the upper left. the postal service is issuing the forever stamp today to coincide with harvey milk day. he may history in 1977 when he became the first openly gay politician to hold public office in california. he was assassinated the following year. ought arrest of a group of
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iranians over their take on a hit song with powerful political support. >> something you would invent to make the world a better place? >> an 11-year-old girl is
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>> a couple of weekend paddle boarders got a real treat. gray whales were playing in the cove. the man said this happened on saturday when he and a friend were headed to ocean beach. look how close the whales came, even splashing one of them. >> a morning girl is celebrating after getting the top spot in the doodle 4 google contest. she designed a google logo into
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clean water and beauty with a purification system. she her a lot of people do not have clean water to drink in this world so in her honor, google will partner with a charity to bring clean water to ten schools in bangladesh and she won $30,000 scholarship for college. thousands entered. congratulations. >> now a check on the forecast. do we have fog, mike? >> we do. mostly loan the coast with a low deck you can drive up into it but it is a lost marine layer low clouds giving drizzle from time to time so you may need to use the windshield wiper but i have not heard of slick streets. we are watching that. 67 in san francisco. the same as yesterday. and san rafael is a degree warmer and hayward and oakland, and walnut creek three, and san jose four degrees warmer. the storms will stay in the central valley and in the high country today with temperatures
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running say, around, mid-60's in lake tahoe to, possibly, the mid-70's in, say, i yosemite. we have road work out there. northbound 680 to 24 for a few more minutes is being cleaned up. road work in the south bay or peninsula, north 101 to oregon expressway, this is slow traffic. on the golden gate bridge we had drizzle early this morning and it looks hazy with traffic light coming into san francisco but there are slick roads. kristen and eric? >> it looks like the final chapter of san francisco's famed market bookstore has been inked. it was evicted after failing to raise enough money to buy the property. the new owners took possession of the books and began clearing the space. a group fighting the eviction is
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outraged. >> they had huge sledgehammers and were smashing the bookshelves. smashing the furniture. it was the oldest black owned bookstore in the nation. the owner could not clear out the store because of an eviction dispute. the judge will decide would takes possession of the inventory. a woman is honored for heroic act in texas. the 36-year-old woman was on the way to her mother's funeral and saw an s.u.v. spin out and land on its side. three were thrown from the vehicle including a pregnant woman. she spotted the unborn baby's head and arm through a last race on the woman's belly and helped deliver the infant. sadly, the baby's mom later died. yesterday, texas officials honored the woman for her quick action. >> you have to make a decision to help or not and there is no one else on the road so we
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stopped and helped. >> without this. would's actions both lies would have been lost. today on behalf of the texas department public safety we recognize the hour problems. >> baby survived. >> six iranians were arrested for chancing to "happy." this morning they are out of jail according to a human rights group who spoke with their families. the director remains in jail. the video was posted on youtube before being taken down. it was called "obscene" and the tavernser has to appear on state tv to repent and the iran president says "happiness is our people's right." a baby whale washes asimilar on the san mateo county coast and at 5:00 a.m. we are live with what authorities try to do what the sight that is grabbing the attention of residents and scientists. >> a woman escaped after being
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held captive in 10 years. she describes her ordinary -- ordeal
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday at 5:00. >> first up, a check on the forecast. we will see where the mist is, the fog. mike? >> fog is more moisture laden. do not be surprise if you have drizzle along the coast, east bay hills driving into the


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